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Do you have questions about cybersecurity? See what others have asked in our FAQ!

How much do you know about cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity and its different aspects can be difficult to grasp – especially when you have just started to work with it. There is a lot that needs to be learned – here are some things you might not know about cybersecurity!




Data Diodes

Not only is there a lot to learn about cybersecurity itself – it can also be difficult to know what products you might need or how they work. Here are some frequently asked questions about our Data Diodes! 



Importing and exporting information - ZoneGuard

We also get a lot of questions about importing and exporting information, and our ZoneGuard. View the video below to see what others want to know! 



Products and supported protocols

A regular question we get is: What protocols do your products support? So, here is the answer!



Secure data import and file transfer - File Security Screener

How can you be sure that the data you import is not contaminated with malicious content? And how do you transfer files securely? See the answers in this FAQ!



Communication protection against external threats - SecuriVPN

It can be hard to know what solutions to use in order to avoid cyberattacks in this increasingly digital world, and how long they will protect you from the most advanced threats. Watch this FAQ and learn how you can solve this problem!



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