SecuriVPN Arana

Approved for Secret UE/EU Secret

Advenica's network encryptor SecuriVPN Arana provides customers with the strongest possible IP-network protection and is approved by the European Union for use up to and including the highest information classification level, EU SECRET. Advenica's solution SecuriVPN Arana is approved by EU to SECRET UE/EU SECRET.

SecuriVPN Arana integrates the Three Domain Seperataion technology, which ensures a secure administration of the system. Administrative personnel can manage the system without being able to retrieve any secret information. The administration of large networks is facilitated by using a key server and remote administration including remote configuration, network monitoring and extensive logging.

Target customers

SecuriVPN Arana has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to meet the security requirements of government and military organisations within the EU. Suitable for permanent installations as well as for temporary activities, such as crisis situation. Substantiated in combat zone theatres ranging between desert and arctic conditions; successfully deployed for Army, Navy and Air Force communications to protect information up to SECRET.

Security level