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kritisk infrastruktur

The perfect storm is on its way. Who cares?

What’s the forecast for critical infrastructure? The "Weather Forecast" for critical infrastructure is that the perfect storm will be triggered in May 2018. Why just then? That’s when several phenomena in the cyber world will collide which can have major consequences.


Advenica is one of the partners of CS3STHLM and our CTO Jonas Dellenvall will talk during the opening event.

Trafikverket signs a three year agreement

Advenica, the Swedish supplier of cybersecurity solutions, has won a framework agreement for a period of three years in combination with an initial order of 1.9 MSEK from Trafikverket.

Order from new customer within critical infrastructure

The cybersecurity company Advenica has won an order from a global company working within the aerospace industry. The customer has chosen to use Advenica’s data diode, SecuriCDS DD1000i and the order value is SEK 166 500. The order will be delivered during the first quarter of 2017.

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