Training Programme

We believe that well-educated management and staff is key to maintaining a satisfactory information security within an organisation. No state-of-the art security solution will give results unless employees know how to use it properly.

When customers entrust us to secure their communications infrastructures with our encrypted products and other solutions, the Advenica training programmes provide customer teams with the right skills and knowledge to confidently use the products and maximise the security investment.

Our training programmes for security officers, system administrators and end-users have been designed to meet the needs of participants with varying levels of experience in cryptology. Sessions cover different information security principles, encryption technologies for information security, and security awareness sessions where can we help to identify threats and risks related to your operational environment.

Employees are also trained in how to do basic trouble-shooting and measure progress with our tracking and reporting tools.


Advenica Academy

We can also offer an in-depth education programme that we have developed in collaboration with our academic partner, Lund University and the Faculty of Engineering. This programme consists of three topical modules and a wide variety of courses. The objective of this in-depth education is to give a deeper understanding of modern communication networks, the security challenges, and different security mechanisms and tools, such as the use of modern cryptography in network security solutions.