Our products are designed to cover a variety of different scenarios and can be used out of the box in most cases. However, there are always customer unique situations such as the need to handle proprietary protocols, which thanks to the flexible design of the Advenica platform can be developed and configured accordingly. A typical example: when old equipment is not vulnerable in an isolated environment but now has to be integrated into a wider system.

Depending on your specific needs, Advenica can assist in designing a secure environment using the products in the right combination to fulfil security requirements. This includes everything from architecting the network, designing the segmentation to customisation and configuration of the products in the cases where standard services and settings are not applicable.

Customisations can be made using the configuration interface or Advenica Software Development Kit for completely new protocols.

Advenica can customise and tailor solutions for every need. You can also attend our Advenica Academy training programme to learn how to do adaptions yourself.