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Information security in a Quantum Age

To keep secret information safe from adversaries, it is absolutely essential to be forward thinking when it comes to information security. This is especially true in the Quantum age where quantum computers can break today’s most popular ciphers.

Quantum computers - change the world

With a quantum computer you can tackle problems that would take our best classical computers millions of years to solve. They can perform very rapid parallel computations and thus are able to solve problems like searching and factoring. Moreover, they also have the potential to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence and be vital for modelling chemical reactions which could e.g. mean more efficient medicine or batteries.


Quantum age


Quantum computers - a risk for information security

Right now, the security of the most popular chippers used in encryption systems rely on the mathematical difficulty of breaking down large numbers into prime numbers. This is called factoring, and for classical computers, it is tremendously slow, expensive, and impractical. On the other hand, quantum computers running Shor’s algorithm can easily and extremely fast do such calculations.

In fact, quantum computers can quickly break cryptographic keys and an attacker can decrypt private communications, which is a huge problem for secure communication - the very principal of secure communication is compromised.

The quantum computer poses an immediate threat towards much of the ciphers the world is using today, however, sufficiently large commercial quantum computers that can be used to attack ciphers are likely to be years away. Although that should not be of any reassurance: even if attackers cannot access the data right now, they can collect and save it while waiting for a quantum computer to be available.




Quantum-secure communication today

With arrival of quantum computers, the most popular encryption algorithms are no longer able to provide adequate protection to information with extended lifetime.  The problem can be solved with Advenicas unique network encryption solution that utilizes quantum-secure algorithms for secure key distribution “by design”. 
Advenicas network encryptionsolution SecuriVPN is certified for use up to and including the highest information classification level, SECRET.

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