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Advenica presents Cross Domain Solutions to the EU Council Security Committee

On Wednesday 29th March, Advenica presented Cross Domain Solutions to the EU Council Security Committee, with focus on the SecuriCDS ZoneGuard, as a way to resolving the requirements in the Information Assurance Security Policy on Interconnection (6488/15).

18 Apr 2017

The policy brings forward four distinct scenarios, ranging from air gaps, through uni-directional import and export of information, to bi-directional information exchange.

Advenica has developed a range of products, which can be used to resolve all of these scenarios with a high level of both control and security.

Of these solutions, the SecuriDCS ZoneGuard is particularly suited to resolving bidirectional communication. SecuriCDS ZoneGuard is highly innovative and unique within cyber security products, as it is a tool that enables validation and filtering on true information-level, and also offers protocol conversion, thereby reducing (or even eliminating) any risk of malware infection.

Furthermore, the SecuriCDS ZoneGuard is also extremely flexible, as it is agnostic in terms of which protocols can be supported, thus enabling information-level filtering and validation, as well as protocol conversion, also on obscure military and industrial protocols as well as standard protocols.

This enables organisations with high demands on security to transfer information with complete control, oninformation-level, of which data is transferred.

As the SecuriCDS ZoneGuard operates in whitelisting mode, only that information which has been approved for transfer, in line with set policy, is permitted to be transferred.

EU Council Security Committee