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Advenica receives a smaller order from a Swedish Authority worth over half a million SEK

The Swedish cybersecurity company Advenica has received an order from a Swedish authority with the possibility to extend the project to include an additional order.

24 Oct 2016

The order is on Advenica’s Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) products and include SecuriCDS ZoneGuard and SecuriCDS Data Diode. The order value is over half a million SEK and the delivery of the products has begun.

“Because of Advenica’s extensive experience we know what the whole process from design, implementation and manufacturing requires. We value the trust as a supplier for this customer and to be able to continue to offer innovative cybersecurity technology", says Einar Lindquist, CEO, Advenica AB.

The CDS products guarantee a dynamic and secure information exchange between different security rated nodes. The Data Diode is a high assurance uni-directional solution for making sure that data traffic can only pass in one direction and thereby prevents sensitive information to pass in the opposite direction.

The solution within the product family Cross Domain Solutions meets the requirements that many organisations have to ensure data confidentiality and integrity for their information exchanges on a variety of security levels.

Advenica has 23 years of experience as a trusted vendor working with national security and offers solutions developed and manufactured in Sweden. The solutions contributes to effective workflows and the company states that to reach a secure digitalisation it is crucial that organisations takes their digital responsibility by working proactively with handling information.

For further information, please contact: Einar Lindquist, CEO Advenica AB, +46 (0)704 29 98 39,