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In this section we have collected parts of our know-how about cybersecurity. We describe common challenges who you typically are facing when handling cybersecurity issues.

Cybersecurity - what is that?

What is cybersecurity and why is it so important? How do I start working with information security?
Reduce the risk of cyberattacks by learning how to become cybersecure!

Why is Information Security so Important?

What is information security and why does an organisation need to work with systematic information security? What can lack of information security lead to? Learn more about information security and how to start working with it.

What is network security?

Network security can be adopted in a number of ways to protect your network. As every organisation needs to use the internet and digital services, it is important to set boundaries and to make sure that no malicious content can enter your network – especially if you have sensitive or classified information. Read more in our know-how!

What is encryption?

Some information is not meant for everyone to see. But how do you ensure that only the right people can read the information? The short answer is: encryption. But, what is encryption? In this know-how, we will explain what encryption is and some of the most important things to know.

When is a firewall not enough?

Do you know when a firewall is not enough to keep your information secure?
And do you know what solution you should use instead?

How to protect yourself against cyberattacks

Reports of cyberattacks are increasing - but it can be difficult to know how to protect yourself against this threat.

What is network segmentation?

Supplying critical infrastructure poses many challenges, especially when integrating complex SCADA systems towards business systems that have different requirements. To succeed, network segmentation is essential.

What is the NIS Directive?

To provide NIS appropriate security for your IT and OT you need to be in full control of your information security domains.
Learn how!

What does the security law mean?

Who is the Swedish Protective Security Act for and what does it actually say?

Learn more here!

Why is cybersecurity important for critical infrastructure?

Critical infrastructure enterprises are vital to our society as they provide crucial services such as power, telecommunications, transportation, water etc. That is why dedicated work with consistent cybersecurity measures in this sector is vital.

How CISOs can battle their challenges

CISOs face many challenges when working with cybersecurity. We have sorted out some of the major challenges for CISOs and help you battle them!

Why are products with high assurance required when security requirements are strong?

To fulfill strong security requirements, you need to focus on assurance. High assurance ensures confidence in the security features and that is why products with high assurance are required when security requirements are strong.

What is a Cross Domain Solution?

Cross Domain Solutions enable strictly controlled and filtered information exchange between domains with different security or protection needs. But there are different kinds of Cross Domain Solutions – unidirectional and bidirectional. In this know-how, we clarify the differences and the functionalities of the solutions.

What is a data diode?

A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that ensures unidirectional information exchange.
Learn more why you need it and how it communicates with bidirectional protocols.

What is a security gateway?

Do you want a solution that will protect your information? Security gateways are security devices that are designed to focus on the transferred information rather than the protocols used for the communication over the network. Learn more about bidirectional security gateways and how you can secure your information in this know-how.

5 things you can use a data diode for

There are more ways to use a data diode than you might think. You can use them for countless solutions, but here are five ways you may not have known about!

How to achieve SCADA security?

The basis for all work with information security, for all companies, is a continuous and systematic approach. But which measures are the most important for achieving security in SCADA systems?

How do you define zones based on risk analysis according to IEC 62443?

When working with cybersecurity and segmenting your systems into security zones, it is a good idea to use risk analysis. In this text, we explain in detail what is important to keep in mind when conducting a risk analysis and risk-based zoning according to IEC 62443.

Information security in a Quantum Age

To keep secret information safe from adversaries, it is absolutely essential to be forward thinking when it comes to information security. This is especially true in the Quantum age where quantum computers can break today’s most popular ciphers.

How do you carry out a protective security analysis?

When you start to work with protective security, the first step is to carry out a protective security analysis. Such an analysis is the basis for all protective security work. So, how do you do a protective security analysis?

What is digital responsibility?

Companies must think about how they take their digital responsibilities. This responsibility means working with information management in a proactive and sustainable way.

How to achieve secure digitalisation?

Digitalisation helps streamline workflows to meet expectations on availability and create new revenue opportunities. But how to achieve secure digitalisation?

How to achieve secure outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a common way of improving the technical platform and gaining access to expertise for IT needs in all industries. It also helps cut costs. But do you know how to achieve secure outsourcing?

How to make a secure system integration?

Integration of different systems is of great value but can be associated with a security risk, so do you know how to make a secure system integration?

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