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Incident reporting

Incident reporting is an important part of improving information security. This limits the impact of cyberattacks and reduces economic loss and integrity aspects that are otherwise usual consequences of such attacks.

Collected information is crucial to seeing patterns and defining countermeasures to protect against future threats. Together with reports, this information contains explicit details about security and configuration in the systems, meaning that the information collected is valuable for people carrying out attacks, and must be protected at least as well as vulnerable systems.


Multiple layers of protection is needed

Aspects that need to be managed are protecting against intrusion, ensuring information accuracy, preventing data leakage and authenticating the sender of incident information. Several layers of protection need to be created to achieve good high assurance. It’s about:

  • Separation between information and the transport of that information
  • Inspecting and filtering information
  • Unidirectional information traffic

The level of information security required doesn’t have to be complex. It’s more about finding new, smart applications for information exchange. That’s where Advenica’s innovative solutions help.