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Major insurance company secures personal information in data centers with Advenica

Cybersecurity for insurance companies – protecting critical and personal information

Cybersecurity for insurance companies

Ransomware attacks on companies with personal information are more frequent than ever. The attacks can block all computers, and thus all digital communication, with the attacker demanding a ransom to unblock them. The only way to avoid falling victim to these attacks is to work with cybersecurity in a consistent and structured way. 


Insurance companies


Secure personal information in insurance companies

Insurance companies are typical examples of businesses that handle a lot of critical and personal information on a daily basis in their internal networks. It is of course highly important to make sure that leakage of such information is not possible, as this could have devastating effects both business-wise and on a personal level.

Read our case and learn about cybersecurity for insurance companies and how they can secure personal and sensitive information!