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For over 20 years, Advenica has pioneered communications security with state-of-the-art technologies trusted to secure our customers’ most sensitive information.

Accredited to the highest security standards by the European Union and the Swedish Armed Forces, Advenica’s cyber security products and solutions are deployed in more than 40 countries around the world by organisations with the most stringent security requirements: military, government authorities, law enforcement, multinational corporations and financial institutions.

We are continuously growing and are able to offer a stimulating, creative and exciting work environment. Our employees are the company’s backbone and driving force, and we allow and encourage independent thinking and personal development.


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Please review our current vacancies to find a position matching your experience and preferences. You are also welcome to send a general application to Thank you for showing interest in Advenica.

Current Job Opportunities

What properties must be fulfilled by third-party software to be able to safely integrate it in a security-critical system? Is it possible to define a set of criteria’s to determine when it is beneficiary to use in-house developed software and open source software respectively?
How can one ensure information handled by the software not leaking when encountering previously unknown bugs/errors? Under what circumstances is it possible to ensure that a software component fails in a controlled manner?
What method should be used for finding other devices? Should there be a predefined rendezvous point or are there better methods? Are there any particular risks using self-organizing devices? How can these be mitigated? How should devices authenticate each other? How should keys be negotiated and/or distributed?
We are always interested in talented students looking to write their master thesis and we offer several interesting proposals.