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The digital world places new, higher demands on information security. The reason is that the connected community may offer many advantages and opportunities, but also opens new ways for attackers to get into our computers and/or systems.

New laws clarify the requirements for information security

In order to bet better prepared, there are now new laws that will help companies working with socially important services to increase information security. In Sweden, there is now the Security Protection Act. The new law clarifies the obligations for those conducting security-sensitive operations and the importance of the operators performing security-protection analyses for their operations.

get started with information security work

Get started with information security

But how to get started?
We have 8 pieces of advice when starting information security work. Some of them are:

  • Realize that information security means more than technology
  • Link the work to the organisation's risk management
  • Ensure that management takes its responsibility
  • Review procedures and processes

If you want to read more of our advice when starting information security work, visit our page "Cyber security - what is that". There you can download our guide "8 pieces of advice when starting information security work".

If you need more advice on cyber security, risk and security analyses, network segmentation or security protection analyses, you are welcome to contact us.






With more frequent and increasingly vicious cyberattacks, vulnerabilities in IT architecture pose a severe threat. Particularly the energy sector is targeted, making upgraded cybersecurity a matter not only of securing production and business value but also of national interest to keep society up and running – and people safe.

Cybersecurity in critical infrastructure – a matter of national interest

Critical infrastructure enterprises are vital to our society as they provide crucial services such as power, telecommunications, transportation, water etc. We cannot do without these services, or at the very least, a disruption would make life difficult, and even affect our national security. That is why dedicated work with consistent cybersecurity measures in this sector not only is interesting for the enterprises as such – but also a matter of national interest.

secure power

Avoid cyberattacks – secure power and a functioning society

Cyberattacks targeted at energy companies are more and more frequent – and the results can be devastating. A severe cyberattack on the control systems can result in a total switch-off of all power provided by this energy company. And without power, few things in today’s society will not work. To avoid falling victim to a cyberattack, consistent and structured work with cybersecurity is necessary and advanced, high assurance cybersecurity solutions must be implemented.

functioning society

Achieve security insight – the start of securing power and a functioning society

To achieve cybersecurity insight, security log data management and monitoring is often key input. By monitoring logins, failed login attempts, transactions, USB usage etc, effective preventive measures can be mapped out and damage control can be taken without delay. Another key input is to make a risk and security analysis. Based on this analysis you can evaluate the requirements to ensure the right level of security is defined according to the identified challenges.

In our case “Major energy company secures power with Advenica” you can read how solutions from Advenica boosted its preparedness to threats. You also learn more about:

  • How to safeguard ICS- and SCADA systems
  • How to eliminate risk of data leakage and manipulation
  • How to mitigate threats of remote access
  • New strict legislation that requires upgrade of security

Find the case here.