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National Security

The defence needs trusted cybersecurity solutions – do you?

Customers in the defence industry have strict requirements

Not everybody can be a producer for the defence industry.


Today's security situation requires a military cyber approach

The world is changing. Established truths just a few years ago are no longer relevant.


Critical data in motion

In today’s politically volatile and digitalised world, it’s more important than ever to protect critical information.


Are fiber optics secure?

One of today’s topics at Nato´s on-going cyber symposium in Mons, Begium, was interception possibility of fiber optic networks.


Advenica working with ETSI

In February this year, Advenica was given the opportunity to lead and drive two technical specifications for Middlebox Security Protocols which is two of the new work items in the Cyber Security co


New website focusing on National Security solutions

Advenica has its background and core business within the National Security market segment, adressing Armed Forces and Government customers.