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Digital responsibility

Cybersecurity trends for 2020

Digitalisation plays a very important role in our modern society as it reduces costs, increases flexibility and can give you a competitive edge.


How to get started with information security work?

The digital world places new, higher demands on information security.


Security culture - an important part of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity today is not only a technical challenge but also a human challenge - a matter of security culture.


How you secure the management's commitment to information security

Digitalisation is making information security an area that is becoming increasingly important.


Is your security solution future-proof?

Today, there are many suppliers of different information security solutions. But do you know how future-proof the solution you choose to invest in actually is?


Are we taking cybersecurity seriously enough?

There are many examples of companies and organisations that have paid a high price for a lack of information security, both financially and in terms of their reputation.


The story of the Trojan Horse from an IT security perspective

The legend of the Trojan War tells the story of how the Greeks tricked their opponents using a Trojan horse.


A Brand New Advenica

It’s all about being relevant

Let’s face it.