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Critical Infrastructure

Why Vienna chose Advenica’s Data Diodes to protect its energy infrastructure

In our day and age, high-tech companies face ever greater challenges.


Secure information management for ICS systems

The modernisation and digitalisation era of today has increased deployment of IoT equipment in ICS systems.


How to do a secure transfer of SCADA information

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used for monitoring and controlling processes in industry and in critical infrastructure.


How the energy sector can secure power and a functioning society

With more frequent and increasingly vicious cyberattacks, vulnerabilities in IT architecture pose a severe threat.


Lack of cybersecurity awareness in the oil & gas industry – a major risk for the environment

A cyberattack on oil and gas control systems can result in severe consequences to human safety and the environment in the form of ruptures, explosions, fires, releases and spills.


How does your organisation secure information security in ICS and SCADA systems?

The NIS directive and, in some countries, stricter national security legislation impose new, higher requirements on companies within critical infrastructure in terms of information security.


What is a data diode and how does it work?

It’s no secret that organisations have physical assets that require protection.


Maintain security, even when working remotely!

Every day most of us work with several different systems. Through our computer and other digital devices we access information that is physically in a completely different place.


Four reasons to invest in future-proof solutions today

With a constantly more serious threat scenario, everyone today needs to be aware of the risk of a cyber attack and the consequences of insufficient security.


The cyber year of 2019 and what’s to come

Jonas Dellenvall, CTO at Advenica, shares his view on the security year ahead of us.


Critical data in motion

In today’s politically volatile and digitalised world, it’s more important than ever to protect critical information.


cPPP for cybersecurity

A survey, made on behalf of the European Commission, shows that the European market when it comes to cybersecurity is dominated by a small group of non-Eur