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Information security compliance – five business benefits

Ransomware attacks are more frequent than ever. The attacks can block all computers, and thus access all digital communication, with the attacker demanding a huge ransom to unblock them.


The NIS directive - we can help you comply

The purpose of the NIS directive is for providers of essential services to work with risk-based security.


Feel in control regarding the NIS directive?

The NIS directive was adopted in 2016 in EU and sets a range of network and information security requirements which apply to operators of essential services and digital service providers (DSPs).


The defence needs trusted cybersecurity solutions – do you?

Customers in the defence industry have strict requirements

Not everybody can be a producer for the defence industry.


The cyber year of 2019 and what’s to come

Jonas Dellenvall, CTO at Advenica, shares his view on the security year ahead of us.


Are we taking cybersecurity seriously enough?

There are many examples of companies and organisations that have paid a high price for a lack of information security, both financially and in terms of their reputation.


The perfect storm is on its way. Who cares?

What’s the forecast for critical infrastructure? The "Weather Forecast" for critical infrastructure is that the perfect storm will be triggered in May 2018. Why just then?


Advenica working with ETSI

In February this year, Advenica was given the opportunity to lead and drive two technical specifications for Middlebox Security Protocols which is two of the new work items in the Cyber Security co


cPPP for cybersecurity

A survey, made on behalf of the European Commission, shows that the European market when it comes to cybersecurity is dominated by a small group of non-Eur