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Securing your business’ daily operations

Companies are a direct target for many cyberattacks today, making it strategically and tactically important to protect the information the business cannot afford to lose. Operations that depend on IT systems for operation, monitoring and control are particularly vulnerable. Insufficient security can jeopardize competitiveness today, and even the long-term future.

Cybersecurity in the corporate sector

Many kinds of companies and organisations in the corporate sector are targets for serious cyberattacks. For example, banks and insurance companies handle a great deal of sensitive, and personal, data that needs to be secured. This enhances the need for cybersecurity in the corporate sector.

Digital development has different names in different industries, but everything is based on the principle of making better use of information technology in several commercialisation steps and operational activities. One of the consequences of digitalisation is the new and changing needs of security for information and technology. New challenges also arise when different systems communicate with each other.

With technology development encompassing Big Data, Internet of Things and API solutions, it is easy to create innovative solutions without technical barriers. Everything is connected and all information can be stored and processed to create added value.


Regulations for actors in the corporate sector

There are more specific regulations and guidelines for certain businesses, for example banks. The guidelines from the European Banking Authority, EBA, are the European standard for managing security and IT risks. It describes how banks, fund managers and providers of payment services operating within the EU are to manage internal and external risks linked to IT and security. Hopefully, this will reduce the likelihood of attacks, data leaks, disruptions and intrusions. Among other things, the guidelines point out which security measures have to be developed and implemented to mitigate IT and security risks that expose financial institutions. It is essential to understand that the guidelines have legal status and that the operators covered, therefore, are obliged to justify any deviations from its application.



How to raise cybersecurity in the corporate sector

It can become very expensive not to protect information properly. To protect sensitive systems and confidential data – Advenica Data Diodes are the failsafe way to go. The function of a data diode is to allow all data to pass in the forward direction, while blocking all data in the reverse direction. The fibre optical connection makes it physically impossible for data to travel in the opposite direction. And as it is not software, it cannot be directly attacked by malicious code, which results in high assurance. Every organisation operating sensitive information has great use of a data diode to protect its valuable information and securely exchange data.

To further reduce potential attack vectors and at the same time provide secure and selective access to the systems from remote networks, a gateway for controlled information exchange – ZoneGuard – should be implemented. By using Advenica’s ZoneGuard with remote desktop capability, access is controlled, and threats towards a remote desktop solution are effectively mitigated in the cross domain point. All information is validated and transformed, which means that sensitive information stays within the protected network, and malicious code cannot spread.

Importing files into secure environments is another area that poses a significant security threat unless the files are properly sanitised before transfer. By using File Security Screener, a high assurance Cross Domain Solution with malware scanning and content disarm and reconstruction capabilities, efficient and automated countermeasures for malware is provided. At the same time, separation for the connected networks are secured. The File Security Screener provides an efficient, scalable, and trusted solution for secure file import.

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