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Event: Advenica Insight 2021

We invite you to Advenica Insight 2021!

During this inspirational day you will get insight and understanding of success stories from different parts of the cybersecurity market, but also about pitfalls and lessons learned along the way. Listen to experiences and lessons learned from colleagues who already use cybersecurity solutions. But also to experts informing about best practice as well as trends.


Advenica Insight 2021 - May 11th

During this day you will get insight and understanding of success stories from different parts of the cybersecurity market, but also about pitfalls and lessons learned along the way. Listen to experiences and lessons learned from colleagues who have used cybersecurity solutions to go further but also to experts informing about best practice as well trends. 


Who is it for:

Security Network architects
ICS/OT security
Enterprise security
IT security
National security
Critical infrastructure security
Digitalisation & Cybersecurity




The day will start at 09.15 and continue until 16.00 and you can choose to participate in as many sessions as you want! All times are Central European Times.


Session 1 - Introduction

Welcome to Advenica Insight
Marie Bengtsson, CEO Advenica AB

"The threat landscape of today"
Stefan Larsson, Senior Director Sales, Business Unit Cyber Security, Saab Surveillance 

"Cybersecurity – case airport"
Anders Silwer, Lieutenant General (Res), ex Swedish Defense force, Member of the Advenica Board

10.30 Break

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Session 2 - Theme: The challenges for the OT industry

"Best practices of Advenica Data Diodes and ZoneGuard" 
Martin Björnsson, Technical Specialist, Advenica AB

"OPSWAT Cross Domain Security Solutions"
George Chereches, Sales Engineer Team Lead EMEA at OPSWAT

"The human aspects of OT-security"
Mats Karlsson Landré, IT-security consultant, ATEA

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Session 3 - Theme: The challenges for national security and authorities

"Building resilience to cyber-attacks"
Richard Hughes, Cyber Recovery Business Development Director EMEA, Dell technologies

"Ground control for Major Tom - the ESA case"
Thomas Dlouhy, Sales Austria, Advenica

14.00 Break

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Session 4 - Continued theme & rounding up

Theme: The challenges for national security and authorities
"Best practices of the Advenica File Security Screener"
Alexander Hornborg, Senior Sales Manager, Advenica Oy

"Next generation crypto"
Thomas Johansson, Professor, Lund University


Rounding up

“Advenica Product portfolio and future opportunities”
Thomas Carnehult, Head Product Management, Advenica AB

Summary of the day - what did we learn?
Marie Bengtsson & Thomas Carnehult

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Information about the speakers

Mats Karlsson Landré

Mats Karlsson Landré

Mats Karlsson Landré is a security advisor at Atea Sweden. In that capacity he supports all types of organizations within a wide span of security challenges, ranging from classic information security through IT security to OT security but also in other security aspects, such as physical protection, personnel security, the European NIS directive and protective security legislation. He publishes a popular newsletter on the unique security challenges related to this segment at www.ot-sä As a basis for his role as a consultant he has 25+ years of experience in international nuclear industry where he was trained in the importance of combining human and technology aspects in the pursuit of proper security and safety. 

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

Richard is the Business Development Director for Dell’s Cyber Recovery Solution. Richard brings over 30 years of technology industry expertise to help clients protect critical data and to enable fast and efficient restoration in the event of a cyber attack. Prior to taking up this role Richard has worked in a number of technology organisations in business development, sales and technical roles starting his career as a software developer.

Stefan Larsson Saab Surveillance

Stefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson works at Saab Surveillance and has 28 years experience from IT and Telecommunications, with the latest 14 years focused on cyber security. In particular, Stefan is currently focused on cybersecurity from the perspective of military and government requirements, but also on the impact of cyber espionage on industry and other commercial actors, where digitalisation and modern technology solutions bring both great benefit and great risk to anyone remotely involved in competitive environments. Areas such as mass surveillance and data collection combined with AI-driven intelligence analysis, security within cloud environments and the emergence and development of new cyber-threats and threat actors are all challenging areas that Stefan is working to address.

George Chereches

George Chereches

George Chereches is a passionate Sales Engineer at OPSWAT for more than 3 years, an innovative cybersecurity company with the mission of providing the most effective threat prevention technology possible. Prior to joining OPSWAT he was managing messaging infrastructure for big enterprise customers.

Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson is a Professor in Information Theory at the Department of Electical and Information Technology, Lund University. His scientific interests include cryptology, error-correcting codes and information security. He is co-inventor of the SNOW 2.0 stream cipher (ISO standard, etc.). Its modified version SNOW 3G is used in the UMTS and LTE standards. Coinventor of the Grain family of stream ciphers, selected in the eSTREAM final portfolio and also adopted as an ISO standard. He has published about 100 full papers in cryptography and has twice received best paper awards on IACR flagship conferences.

Thomas Johansson

Anders Silwer

Anders Silwer has a background in the Armed Forces and retired as a lieutenant general and head of production management in 2017. Anders 'career in the Armed Forces began as a fighter pilot on J 35 Draken and later JAS 39. Anders has been an air force inspector and the Armed Forces' chief of operations. Nowadays, Anders works as a consultant in organisational development and in the aviation area.


Advenica Insight

Date: 2021-05-11
Location: Online
Price: For free