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Cybersecurity solutions that protect what matters most

Advenica offers unique encryption and segmentation products in network security. We help countries, authorities, the public sector, critical infrastructure and private companies secure society's most sensitive information.

What does Advenica do?

We have extensive experience in future-proof and sustainable solutions that protect your digital information. With our products, networks can be physically isolated, while information can be connected securely.

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We have developed cybersecurity solutions that solve some of the most common security problems, such as data transmission, data leakage and intrusion.

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Do you need to tailor a solution to meet your specific challenges? In a project together with you, we develop a customised solution!

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How to secure your logging

To reduce the risks of centralised logging, a solution is needed that protects both log data and all connected systems.

File Security Screener

FSS is a high security data transfer solution based on guaranteed unidirectional data diode technology and malware security scanning.

This is Advenica

Advenica provides expertise and world-class high assurance cybersecurity solutions for critical data in motion up to Top Secret classification. We enable countries, authorities and companies to raise information security and digitalise responsibly. Founded in 1993, we are EU approved to the highest level of security. Our unique products are designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden. Advenica has offices in Malmö, Stockholm, Helsinki and Vienna.